Some years ago, it was difficult to find a fancy shirt between Munich and Hamburg. Plaid and stripped shirts were most common in the displays. Even today, it is still more common that way. This fact gave us the idea even though it was a challenge. We thought of the shirt in a new way. The well-established shirt manufactures didn`t want to support us and they weren‘t able to. Therefore, the development of our own production steps was a hard and difficult task. It took three years, started with the purchase of the thread, and ended with the packaging. Nowadays 15 companies are working on the development of one shirt- those are coordinated and given orders to by GERMENS.

The fabric is made out of the finest longues cotton from Egypt and it is produced- only for GERMENS- in a Saxon Jacquard weaving mill. The fabrics are printed and refined in Saxon and Austria, the high- quality manufacture is situated in Poland. Buttons out of Rivershell nacre and stiffeners made of stainless steel; the fancy cutting of the cuffs; the collar scar as well as the boxes are typical for the GERMENS-design.

The editions of the different designs are numbered in the shirt as well as they are signed by hand from the artist. Prices depend on the – 33/66/99 samples per size. We look forward to your visit and we invite you to have a look at our new E-Store.

If you have any questions or if you need personal support please do not hesitate to contact us: 0049-371-6665266

Your Gregor-T.Kozik and René König